&dear hopes to raise public awareness by sharing the message of animal conservation through different media and activities.
&dear envisions animals and humans to live in harmony and respect.
we understand it is difficult to care about things you do not know much about; therefore, we would like to take you on a journey to explore more about the animal. we really hope to do something meaningful with our passion and make a difference.

藝術團體 &dear 希望透過多類型的作品及活動,分享動物保育的訊息,提升人們

with a strong passion for animal and nature, we would like to turn our art and design skill to meaningful work.

what we enjoy doing:

  • animal & environment related projects

  • mural design & painting

  • upcycled art installation

  • illustration | picture book design

  • graphic design | branding | event & exhibition design

hello@anddear.com | facebook: anddear | instagram: anddearhk 

about A Yin & Water Jai 

there is always a lot going on in A Yin's mind but it is hard to tell by his facial expressions. he usually keeps his thoughts to himself and he believes actions speaks louder than words. he loves to dress up as different animals, hoping to blend in the group.

playful and mischievous Water Jai has a simple mind; he enjoys meeting new friends and helping others. his body is made of 100% water and is easily affected by the environment around him.

關於阿言 & 水滴仔




A Yin

Water Jai